• The Longbox

    A special model, developed originally for Jamie Oliver but is now proving popular amongst domestic users. Great for skewered cooking but big enough to cook a whole Salmon. Grill Area: 65cm W x 18cm D
  • The Kingston

    Our most popular model in the Caribbean Cooker range, great for family barbecues and with a big enough grill area for large parties. Grill Area: 73cm W x 36cm D
  • The Firebox

    This octagonal BBQ is our very latest product development. It’s a multi-purpose BBQ / Patio Heater / Firebox. Great for cooking with a group of people as everyone is able to sit around the grill, stay warm and cook food at the same time. The grill sits at a comfortable height of 600mm and at 530mm wide this gives a lovely big grill area. A charcoal tray sites inside when barbecuing allowing the charcoal to sit at the optimum height from the grill. The tray can be removed when not in use so the firebox can be used as a great patio heater or fire container with a depth of 310mm. Built to the same high standards as all the models in our portfolio using high grade, virtually indestructible stainless steel, means this can be left out all year round and it looks. Grill Area 53cm wide (octagonal) Overall Dimensions 70cm high (with legs) 31cm deep (internal)
  • You could use the Negril Super at home but it is huge, designed for really serious commercial use. Grill Area: 96cm W x 50cm D
  • The Negril

    A bigger version of the Kingston. The Negril is designed for serious barbecues or even light commercial use. Grill Area: 96cm W x 42cm D
  • The Greedy Grill is basically the Kingston but without the lid. Perfect for those that never use a lid on a BBQ, the open top version gives greater and more comfortable access to the whole grill area. Grill Area: 73cm W x 36cm D

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